For three years, we have enrolled our kids in the Active English Club. We choose AEC because our kids can focus on speaking, reading, and writing in a native English language environment.
The Active English Club offers interactive classes where each child can develop and learn at its own pace. Maia is an excellent teacher, and her curriculum offers a good combination of working on the curriculum and having fun games and storytelling.
She has helped our kids improve their reading and writing skills, encourages their curiosity while keeping them motivated to learn more.
Another plus is the book take-home program, where our kids choose books every week to read at home with us, and we can interact with them and watch their reading skills progress.
Thank you.

Catherine Simon, 2021

As parents of two children who both attended Active English Club in Gland, I can say without hesitation that we have been extremely happy with the lessons and teaching of 'English classes for English speakers'. The small class size allows for a much more interactive session which enhances learning and provides the best environment to ensure a comprehensive grasp of all the principles. The materials and lesson structure have been perfectly positioned and our experience is that the children have progressed much quicker than anticipated. Maia is really great at making lessons fun whilst keeping them relevant and has been particularly good at handling any language challenges associated with growing up a third culture child. My two also really enjoy the variety and choice in the lending library and are always very excited for their end of year report and certificate of completion. Active English Club has been brilliant for our children and we thoroughly recommend it.

Lynsey Lieberthal, 2021

I have only great things to say about the Active English Club Gland. Both of our boys followed the full English for Native Speakers curriculum from start to finish, and we are extremely pleased with the results and consider their experience a worthwhile investment. The coursework has prepared them to be able to read, write and express themselves at a near level of English literacy as they would have developed had they been educated back home, and we feel confident that they would be able to easily transition back to the local system, should we ever return or should they choose to attend university there. Courses are set out in a reasonable and affordable format, with classes taking place one to one-and-a-half hours each week, and are scheduled around the school hours of the local swiss system for convenience. Our boys particularly enjoyed having Maia as their teacher for their last few years, who has given clear instruction yet maintained a fun and upbeat vibe in the class, which helps to keep students motivated.

Carla Jung, 2021